Stinging Insect Control in El Segundo

Stinging insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets can be dangerous for your loved ones and home if you happen to develop an infestation. The presence of a bee swarm or established hive is a major health and safety risk to your family, pets, and home and should be taken care of as soon as discovered.

Removal of bee, wasp, or hornets can be incredibly dangerous so it is recommended that it only be performed by a professional rather than someone without the proper equipment and training to prevent injury.


Why Top Quality Exterminators Should Be Your Pest Control Company

Top Quality Exterminators brings affordable as well as efficient pest control services to residents of El Segundo, California so if you live in this area and feel you may have a pest problem then you have no reason to worry.

We have fully licensed, trained, and insured pest control specialists capable of taking on almost any pest problem you may have had arisen in your home. We want to keep you, your family, and your home safe from the problems that can be caused by annoying pests such as wasps, bees, and hornets. If you call our company at (424) 219-7330, we can get you on the right path to preventing any damage to your home and loved ones from stinging insect infestation.


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Why Bees, Wasps, and Hornets are a Problem for Your Family and Home

Hornets and wasps are usually very volatile creatures. Bees are usually only aggressive if they or their hive is messed with. All three are dangerous and can cause a lot of harm if an infestation occurs.

All three of these stinging insects are known to sting or bite without being provoked which is not good for your situation if you have children or pets that could possibly be harmed.

Wasps are especially dangerous as they release a venom when they sting that can cause a deadly allergic reaction to the person or animal that is stung. Hives and nests should never be messed by anyone other than those with the proper equipment, knowledge, and training.


Our Process for Handling Stinging Insect Infestations

Once you set up a visit with one of our pest control technicians, the first thing that they will do upon arrival at the scene is a very thorough inspection of the interior and exterior areas of your home as well as any marked problem areas.

The level of infestation will have to be assessed before a treatment method can be chosen. Another factor that will determine what route can be taken is whether or not you have children or pets as not all treatments are safe for them.

Once species and entry points has been determined by our specialists they will discuss your different options with you and then one month after any treatments have been administered a follow up visit will occur. The follow up visit is so that our specialists can be sure that your infestation problem has been taken care of properly.

Our specialists will also be able to discuss some further preventative methods with you so that you can work to prevent any more infestations from occurring later on.


We Can Get Rid of Your Pest Problems ASAP

Our company, Top Quality Exterminators, wants to be your first choice for pest removal and control needs. We want to provide our customers with the affordable, efficient treatment that they deserve. The best way to keep your home and family safe from pest infestations is to call a professional as soon as you have any suspicions of an infestation problem arising.

Top Quality Exterminators can be reached at (424) 219-7330 if you live in or around El Segundo, California and need pest control services. So call as soon as possible to get your stinging insect infestation taken care of right away to prevent added unnecessary problems.